Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paul Hitter is selling his painting'Belladonna'

On the 16th of november, starting with 18.30, Paul Hitters work 'Belladonna', will be auctioned in the yearly Auction at the Art Academy München.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul Hitter in the newspaper 2009

BoRn To bE WilD, oil on canvas, 60/80cm, 2009

manolete gets married, oil on canvas, 60/80cm, 2009


ForZa del DesTinO, oil on canvas, 100/150cm, 2009

dead flowers smell in the air, oil on canvas, 100/100cm, 2009

the Duellist, Dr.Honoris Causa, oil on wood, 40/80cm, 2009

Toujours L'amour-Work in progress 2009

Desdemona, oil on wood, 80/40, 2009

CARMEn, oil on wood, 80/40, 2008

NOAH, oil on wood, 80/40 cm, 2008

hey joe, oil on wood, 40/80, 2009

agitata Da duE VenTi, oil on canvas, 180/220cm, 2009

delirium tremens, oil on wood, 80/40, 2009

Barbarossa, oil canvas, 220, 200cm, 2008

Magic Lamp, oil on canvas, 100/170, 2007

Les Pays Bas, oil on canvas, 80/160, 2008

sleeping hussar, oil on canvas, 70/140, 2007

Opium, oil on canvas, 60/180, 2008

Vampire, oil on canvas, 80/140cm, 2007

Vampire wife, 80/140 cm, 2008